Saša V. Raković - Publications

Dr. Raković has authored 95 publications, most of which are highly cited and are published in leading international journals and proceedings of key conferences in the felds of control theory and engineering. He has authored 31 journal articles, 60 conference papers, 3 invited book chapters and a Ph.D. thesis. Dr. Raković has also writen a public review of the recent monograph ``Model Predictive Control: Classical, Robust and Stochastic'' for IEEE Control Systems Magazine. Presently, he has 2 papers in review and revision, while he is preparing additional 8 articles.

Dr. Raković's published works are highly cited. According to Google Scholar data on 2017/12/12 the total citation count for his publications is 3783, while his H–Index and i10-Index are, respecitvely, 28 and 54.

  • Citation Count: 3783.
  • H-Index: 28.
  • i10-Index: 54.

His publications are cited 236 times on average per year and 40 times on average per publication. His 5, 10 and 28 most cited publications are cited 352, 230 and 115 times on average, respectively. His 5 most cited articles are cited 640, 391, 318, 265 and 144 times, respectively. Five of his Automatica articles have featured in the Elsevier’s science direct top 25 hottest articles list; Two of these five publications reached the third place in the frst and second quarters of 2006, respectively, while one article reached the sixth place in the second quarter of 2007 in this prestigious list.